UBTS – We as a seminary are inseparable from the local church. With the help of our partners, we exist to serve our churches. Said differently, we exist to help the local church make disciple-making disciples. Our mission is to train up effective church leaders; our vision is to see growth in Ukrainian Baptist churches. We measure our success by the success of the local church in transforming their communities and eventually the nation.

UBTS Background – Beginning in 1991 when Ukraine gained freedom, our Baptist churches experienced tremendous growth. However, the time of celebration is long gone. The peak of our membership came in year 2000 when Ukraine had almost 150,000 Baptists. We currently have only about 112,000 members. Even more concerning is that Ukraine, with 40 million people, has less than one percent evangelical Christians.

UBTS Approach – The fundamental principle that UBTS stands on is that effective organizational leadership practices of Christian leaders would impact the number of Christians in Ukraine and lead to overall growth of our churches and transformation of our communities. We believe that many faith-based educational institutions have been faithful in bringing right knowledge to students, but we are also convinced that many Christian leaders who know the Truth are not effectively motivating their church members to take that Truth to their communities.

It is critical for our staff to understand that we equip students not only to become better preachers and more knowledgeable about the Word of God, but also, we equip them to become effective leaders. With this belief, we strive to infect our students with Biblical, Missional, Accountable values (BMW), and to train them in effective organizational leadership practice (OLP). We do this by providing creative class-room learning experiences, by developing personal accountability documents with every student, and by providing every student a qualified personal mentor to walk alongside him or her both in their studies and their ministries. While our emphasis is on youth, we develop leaders of all ages in nine ministry tracks at the Diploma, Bachelors and Masters levels in rapidly growing numbers. We currently have about 600 students and expect our programing and student numbers to continue to grow.

Partnerships – We offer evangelistic-minded organizations and individuals multiple opportunities to join us and our students in individually-designed partnerships to help our churches take the Good News of Jesus Christ to the Ukrainian people in more effective ways.