UBTS Graduation 2018


Ukraine Baptist Theological Seminary Celebrates Graduation

June 8, 2018 one hundred and twenty-three graduates received UBTS diplomas and certificates. The celebration took place at the House of the Gospel church in L’viv, Ukraine. Students with bachelor’s degrees in Pastoral ministry, Church planting, Worship ministry, Christian education, Women’s ministry as well as students of the Youth Leaders Development Program, Youth Bible School and Saturday School of Children Ministers were recognized.

A warm family atmosphere and the feeling that this is just the beginning is how everyone will remember this day. The graduation ceremony started under the musical accompaniment of the graduates of the Worship ministry faculty, followed by praise and corporate prayer.

Graduation Slavik

UBTS President, Dr. Yaroslav Pyzh, addressed the audience with the following words, “If you look at Christ, you see that He always pleased God. In the same way, our faithfulness to the Lord must be manifested in the fact that we please Him. Who do we try to impress: people who see us or our Heavenly Father? Our faithfulness should be manifested in the fact that we are in the Lord, that we love Him and our neighbors. Faithfulness is when we do what we preach.”

The inspirational graduation speeches were delivered by the chairman of the All-Ukrainian Union of Evangelical Churches, Valery Antonyuk; L’viv regional Senior Pastor, Alexander Romanyuk; Director of the “School without walls”, Konstantin Teteryatnikov; and the pastor of the House of the Gospel church, Yaroslav Nazarkevich.

Graduation Other Guy

With warm greetings and good pastoral advice, Valery Antonyuk exhorted the graduates - “God will be calling you, and you will have to struggle and sacrifice a lot to fulfill His will. Be alert in everything, and it is my wish that your aspirations will not be superficial, but deep! It does not matter to the church how much knowledge you have received, but it is important how you will serve. Every high-quality ministry is a struggle, it is a battle with oneself. Be diligent, patient, and do the work of the evangelist.”

Graduation Hats

Graduate Dmitriy Linenko shares, “I thank God for giving me a lot of fine friends and brothers to study with at UBTS. I thank God for a true Ukrainian seminary that works very well for me, makes me change, and motivates me to serve the lost.”

Fellow graduate Christina Dorchak wrote these words about her studies at UBTS, “Four years have passed as fast as four months. I thank UBTS for giving me knowledge, for paying attention to each one of us, for looking for the best teachers and the best books. For all the relationships and mentors who showed concern and support for us all the way through. I will try to use all that you gave me both in my life and ministry. God’s blessings to you and for the many new students!”