Take Part in Our Project "War Zone Scholarship"


Where is God most needed? Surely, there are many places where God is needed. However, the most needed place for God to be is in a war zone, and I know this from my personal experience.

Now there is a large number of people needing help in healing the wounds inflicted by the war. They are going to church in the hope of receiving support and consolation. Our seminary decided to serve those who have been affected by the reality of the war. We decided to give them what we have – our values, our vision, and the knowledge necessary for effective ministry to others.

We have been doing this project for two years already. Twenty-five people are part of the War Zone Scholarship project. In 2017, ten more displaced people became students of UBTS. We use the received financial support to pay for tuition, food, accommodation, and transportation costs. The seminary has been actively supporting the ministry projects in the zone of military conflict as well as projects aimed to minister to the refugees.

How much is your help needed? One of our students, (we cannot mention his names), in order to get to UBTS for a session, has to cross the border with Russia and get to one of the large Russian cities (this is not a simple process). After that, he needs to buy a train ticket to return to Ukraine to avoid the occupied territory (direct entry and exit from the occupied territory is very dangerous and can lead to tragic consequences). After that, he has to spend about thirty hours on trains to get to UBTS. Such people will ultimately be called heroes.

We are grateful to you, our partners, for your prayers and your support of this project. We need you. Only with your help can we continue doing what we have started.

Any amount of donation is helpful, but a full scholarship for one student is $5,000 per year. Would you consider helping those from the War Zone to study at UBTS?

May God bless you.